Over the past 30 years, many systems were realised by us and we helped many in a number of areas. The list given below will provide the reader some ideas. In case you are having a business issue, optimisation issue or thinking of establishing a new business, feel free to contact us.


Textile Dyeing Industry

  • Wastewater Treatment, Water Recycling

Textile Dyes & Pigment Producers & Traders

  • Wastewater Treatment & Recycling

Instant Coffee Producers

  • Wastewater (Effluent) Treatment

Herbal & Food Extracts Producers

  • See Instant Coffee Producers

Fine Chemical Industry

  • Wastewater Treatment

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Recovery of Products from Wastewater
  • Wastewater Treatment

Dairies and Milk Processors

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Recycling of CIP Solutions


  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Fat Recovery

Refineries / Petrochemicals

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Disinfection and Scale Prevention in Cooling Towers

Motorways & Civil Constructions Projects

  • Water on Site
  • Wastewater Treatment & Water Recycling

Metal & Glass Processing

  • Compact & Inexpensive Separation of Metallic/Glass Fines from Machining Operations – Solid-Liquid Separation
  • Removal of Grease

Disinfection (General)

  • Non-Chlorine Water Disinfection Solutions
  • Disinfection of RO Plants (green chemicals)
  • Disinfection of Water Systems (chemical free)
  • Disinfection of Cooling Towers (chemical free)
  • Disinfection of Fruits – Vegetables (chemical free)
  • Disinfection of Equipment & Surfaces (chemical free)

Water Cleanup and Availability in Water Stressed Regions

  • Cleaning of Local Ponds
  • Simplified Potable Water Solutions for Poor Communities
  • Ground Water Remediation Solutions in Water Stressed Regions