We carry out our own seminars and also take part in several short courses.
If required, on-site dedicated courses on different aspects of membrane technology, it’s applications and optimisation can be conducted for companies. We also invite industry experts to help us put together comprehensive training programs.

Course & Training Programs on Membrane Technology
Being a versatile, modular and cost effective separation process, Membrane Technology has made rapid progress in the past three decades. Not only new materials have open doors for a variety of application, innovative engineering has contributed tremendously towards optimisation of processes. Our programs offer scientists and engineers fast knowledge “capsules” on the science and the state-of-the-art. So instead of wasting time on conferences, and trade fairs, our participants get the latest from industry leaders.
By and large, subjects covered in courses and seminars include:

  • Introduction to Membrane Technology
  • Details on Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, MBR and Microfiltration
  • Pilot Plant Studies and Process Design
  • Analysis of Economic Viability and Payback
  • Production Plants Design including Cleaning, Start-up and Shut-Down Methods
  • Selection of Pumps, Components, On-Line Measurements etc.
  • Risk Analysis and Process Challenging
  • Basis and Details about the Operational Program
  • Supervising a Project
  • Optimisation of Plants
  • Suppliers and an Analysis of their Strength and Weaknesses
  • Application Examples from Industry
  • Visits to Membrane Processes within the Industry