Centrifugal Separators

The solid-liquid separation system Filstar is a hybrid of centrifugal separator and liquid cyclone. It is a highly compact device with no industrial waste and has no moving parts. This highly efficient system, which is available in many sizes is maintenance free and extremely easy to install. Filstars are available from 8 L/h to 1000 L/h in stainless steel, PVC and PP. Other alloys are available upon request.

Filstar and Hydrocyclone are dynamic separators which clear denser pieces from thin liquids without blinding or cycle issues. Filstar always delivers the better and broader pieces size clearance for the same pressure drop. Filstar replaces staged duplicate processing filtration and decantor centrifuge with a single pass processing of any volume with or without discharge whereas each hydrocyclone replaces its matching and explicit filtration size and processing volume with the match being different with and without discharge and with discharge giving the best clearance. Filstar has an extremely low wear rate and requires no lonings or spare parts over a very long life where the high wear rates and short useful life of hydrocyclone demand linings and spare parts.

Every Filstar of the same power gives the same clearance of very wide pieces size range on pass with or without discharge. Every hydrocyclone give a unique narrow clearance on pass that is best with discharge and this means staged clearance with duplicate processing is necessary – not so with Filstar!

Application Examples:: Glass Fines, Metal Fines (Workshops), Protein, Pre-Filtration of Silicates etc.

Your application can be tested on site by our or your staff or you can send us your fluid to Basel.

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Filstar Separators:

  • Compact and Robust
  • Less than a 1 micron particle size
  • Easy to operate
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
  • Automation Possible
  • Available in a variety of materials
  • Available in variety of throughputs

Click for:

Standard Filstar (replaces filtration) Precision Filstar (replaces filtration and decantor centrifuge)
Any metal, metal compound, ceramic or glass clearance from coolant
If Standard power clears the mixture, but the residual is too high on pass then switch to Precision Power Filstar.
Sand and Silt from Water
Grinding sludge from coolant
Any denser piece with high enough specific gravity from any thin liquid