From theory to reality – Lab and Pilot Plant Tests

Somicon has an adequate infrastructure and the necessary equipment to carry out practically all types of membrane separation If needed other unit operations such as filtration, distillation, adsorption, chemical reactions, advanced oxidation and mixing can be carried out. We are therefore in a position to conduct such tests in-house.
Testing can be done using a few “mL” to several hundred litres.
In some cases, we can also offer pilot plants on rental basis.

Our laboratory is equipped with analytical tools such as photometers, pH meters, conductivity meters, turbidity measurement, titration equipment, dry weight and density measurements and many analytical techniques on the basis of refractive index. Our laboratory facilities allow us to work with toxic and explosive chemicals and solvents as well.

In many situations, innovative and cost effective separation is possible using synthetic membranes but the key element is their proper use and achieving the desired results. Concentration, washing of impurities (diafiltration), fractionation of species and change over of salts from one form to the other are some examples.

If you are considering to solve a separation problem where membranes could be a part of the whole process, why waste time? Talk to us and let our experience on practically all commercial and special membranes work for you. If needed, we will also look at highly special membranes for you.  

We can study your problem and suggest the most efficient and workable solution for you – so do not spend time in re-inventing the wheel and get going fast ! Some of the finest analytical labs are also within our close vicinity.

A list of some of our Pilot & Bench Scale Plants

For Process Industry & Wastewater Treatment

  • Bench Scale Screening Tests
  • Pilot Plant Tests
  • Small Scale Production
  • Long Term Tests
  • In-House or at Customer’s Site