Superior Membranes from Nitto-Denko, Japan

Somicon AG has been working with Nitto-Denko for well over 30 years.
We have worked with Nitto to come up with some of the most promising Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis Membranes for the process industry. In addition, superior UF capillary membranes from Nitto represent the state-of-the art.

These membranes provide excellent properties in terms of separation, flux and membrane life. It is not possible to list all the existing and potential applications that were or can be mastered through the use of Nitto membranes. Hence we invite our customers for a detailed discussion to help them better.

Short Membrane Process Questionnaire

  • pH & Chlorine Tolerant NF
  • Heat & Food Grade NF
  • Variety of Pore sizes in NF
  • True Low Fouling RO
  • Energy Saving ROHeat Tolerant RO
  • Capillary UF for Pharmaceuticals, Surface Water

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