Over the past 30 years, many systems were realised by us and we helped many customers in a number of areas.

The list given below will provide you an idea about the versatility of our work. In case you are thinking about a new process or want to optimise an existing system, feel free to contact us.

Textile Dyeing Industry

  • Optimisation of Dyeing Houses

Textile Dyes & Pigment Producers & Traders

  • Desalting and Purification of Dyes
  • Concentration of Liquid Dyes

Instant Coffee Producers

  • Optimization of Processes
  • Membranes Based Separations
  • Management of Fluid (Product and Wastewaters)

Herbal & Food Extracts Producers

  • See Instant Coffee Producers

Fine Chemical Industry

  • Desalting & Concentration of Optical Brighteners
  • In-Process Separations
  • Fractionation of Polymers
  • Selective removal of non-biodegradable species from Industrial Wastewater
  • Solvent Recovery from Off-Gases

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Recovery & Processing downstream of Fermentation
  • See also Herbal & Food Extracts
  • Use of Membranes in Processes with GMP Conformity

Dairies, Milk Processors & Gelatine Producers

  • Better Membranes at Lower Prices
  • Recycling of CIP Solutions

Metal Processing

  • Compact & Inexpensive Separation of Metallic Fines from Machining Operations
  • Extreme pH Wastewater Processes

Specific Information available to interested clients

Please ask us for more details!