Consulting and Engineering

In the last 30 years, a variety of separation problems were brought to our team. Some were straightforward to solve whereas other required a chemical or engineering strategy.

Since we also audit the existing processes, quite often, we discovered improvement potential. Subsequently changes proposed by us resulted in increased yield, simplicity of operation and reduction of waste. These activities are done in close contact with our clients.

Such a methodology is only possible because we operate with a team that consists of chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, chemists and pharmaceutical technologists – all with a long experience and a proven trek record. Adding to this strength are our close links with membrane producers, pump manufacturers and companies that have excelled themselves in one technology or the other. Thus we offer a holistic approach.

You can benifit from these resources in a cost effective manner.

We shall be posting concrete examples where we are allowed to do so (restrictions due to confidentiality agreements).

For New & Existing Processes

  • Trouble Shooting
  • Parameter Optimisation
  • Membrane Life Analysis
  • Layout and Process Flow Analysis
  • New Processes
  • Revamping or Optimisation
  • Relocation of Facilities
  • Cost Reduction
  • Process Simplification
  • Basic Engineering & Equipment Selection