Liquid-Liquid Centrifuges

CINC Liquid-Liqid centrifuge operates both as separator and contactor, which makes it a valuable tool in numerous types of processes.These centrifuges are one of the best options for the separation of two-phases (replacing mixer settler). In addition, they can be used for the counter current extraction and washing of liquids. These centrifuges are available for a wide range of flows, are easy to install, have very small shutdown loses and can be made in a variety of metals.

For pharmaceutical and food applications, they can be made in conformity with the GMP principles with built-in CIP/SIP possibility and draining mechanism.

Fields of application include (but not limited to):

Chemical Industry (polymer feed stock, polymer production, butadiene and styrene resins, organic peroxides, azeotropic separations, solvent recovery and so on).

Pharmaceutical Industry (examples: antibiotics)

Biotech (rDNA products, broth extraction)

Food (isoflavonones, edible oils, flavors extraction, nutraceuticals)

Petroleum Industry (acid-flockback, well completion fluid recovery, oil-dehydration, land and off-shores, LPSO & fixed platform installations)

Mining & Metals (solvent extraction of various metals, solvent recovery and recycle,wastewater separation etc.)

Either we can test your application at our labs or we offer you separation tests at your own site!

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Some uses:

  • Separation of two immiscible liquids
  • Extraction of species (product in one solvent, extraction with the other)
  • Washing of fluids (using more than one centrifuges in series) – e.g. sulphur removal from diesel


One centrifuge represent one mixer-settler stage

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