Over the past 30 years, many systems were realized by us and we helped many customers in a number of ways & areas. The list given below will provide the reader some ideas. In case you are having a business issue, optimization issue or thinking of establishing a new business, feel free to contact us.Textile Dyes & Pigment Producers & Traders can also get in touch with us to source a number of products or to find an appropriate buyer.

Textile Dyes & Pigment Producers & Traders

  • Process Optimization
  • Customized Sourcing and Development of Dyes
  • Customized Sourcing and Development of Pigments and Pigment Dispersions
  • Value Addition to Dyes & Pigments from Inexpensive Sources
  • Sourcing of Auxiliary Chemicals

Imaging and Paints Industries

  • Stationary Inks
  • Pigment based Digital Inks
  • Dye Based Digital Inks
  • Colors for Plastics Masterbatches
  • Pigment Nano Particle Dispersions for Hi-tech Applications
  • Functional Colours

Fine Chemical Industry

  • Custom Synthesis and Development of Fine Chemicals and Intermediates
  • Chemicals/Materials for Photonic, Electronic, and Bio Industries

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Custom Synthesis and Development of APIs and Intermediates

Dairies and Milk Processors

  • Safe, Green and Less Expensive Disinfection of Processing Equipment and Infra-Structure